Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HK 91 Polymer Port Buffer / Case Deflectors

We are happy to now be offering port buffers for HK 91 series rifles. These black polymer snap on case deflectors keep a tight fit while protecting your expensive investment.
HK Polymer Port Buffers

HK Port Buffer

They fit on HK .308 receivers and clones:
- HK 91
- HK G3
- HK PSG-1
- HK MSG-90
- HK 21e
- HK 11
- PTR-91
- PTR-32

HK Polymer Port Buffers

HK Port Buffer on PTR-91 Receiver

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Product - Mark 23 Rail Adapters

For some time now HK has stopped offering adapters or accessories for their popular SOCOM pistol - the HK Mark 23. The beefiest battle pistol Heckler & Koch has made. has contracted a manufacturer to make a specialized adapter that allows accessories to easily attach to the pistol. The rail adapter gives the user 2 inches of picatinny rail. Most accessories these days use the standard military spec 1913 picatinny rails.

This great new Mark 23 rail adapter easily attaches to standard HK Mark 23 pistols. It is crafted out of

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why or as some people know as Adam Webber is quickly becoming the market leader for Heckler & Koch parts, accessories, and supplies.

HKPARTS.NET is an Authorized HK LE/Commercial Parts Distributor for Heckler and Koch, Inc. They offer law enforcement, military, and civilian products. Committed is to help H&K by supporting them with the needs of the entire law enforcement, military, commercial, and civilian markets. was founded in 2003 by Adam Webber. Adam Webber provides a valuable asset to as an expert in all things Heckler & Koch.

Our genesis is the life long interest in firearms especially HK related weapon system. We have experience dealing with law enforcement, military agencies, as well as professional shooters. These experiences lead to the birth of a specialized company designed to complement and support all things HK.
Heckler and Koch


At HKPARTS we pride ourselves as Heckler and Koch parts enthusiasts & experts. We have successfully diagnosed and repaired hundreds of HK weapons systems. We provide world class service, the best variety, and the best selection of HK Factory, aftermarket parts, and accessories.

We test all of our products. We communicate directly with the parts and accessory manufacturers on everything we offer. When issues arise we communicate those issues directly to the engineers and manufacturers to find a quick resolution. The point being, we know our products very well. We pass on this expertise by selling the best products available. No one is as passionate about the products we offer as the staff at HKPARTS!

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